Address Lookup

Property Level

The fastest way to capture a full, correct postal address. Based on the Royal Mail Full PAF®, covering all 29+ million delivery points in the UK. The data includes house names and numbers as well as details such as company name where applicable.


Street Level

A lower cost option, based on the Royal Mail Part PAF®. Covers all 1.8 million UK postcodes. The data includes street and locality names but no building names or numbers. To capture a full address, the user needs to manually supply property level information.


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What We Do?

We help businesses capture address data quickly and accurately. Our postcode & address lookup solutions are based on the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF®).

Why Choose Us?

A reliable service that is easy to use, monthly data updates, fair prices. Adding our postcode lookup to your website or application is a breeze.

Benefits for You

Improved data quality and better customer satisfaction - web forms, checkout pages and call centre interactions get faster and more user friendly.



We've been really impressed by Craftyclicks - not least because it is cheaper than many other services we've used (e.g. postcodeanywhere). Integration is easy - it only took a few moments. We also tried it on our Magento E-Commerce website, and this proved to be a simple 20 second installation - it worked first time! It has proven to be a quick and simple addition to our website, which has helped increase the amount of people converting.

Sam Davis
Lead Web Developer,