Address Lookup

Property Level

The fastest way to capture a full, correct postal address. Based on the Royal Mail Full PAF®, covering all 29+ million delivery points in the UK. The data includes house names and numbers as well as details such as company name where applicable.


Street Level

A lower cost option, based on the Royal Mail Part PAF®. Covers all 1.8 million UK postcodes. The data includes street and locality names but no building names or numbers. To capture a full address, the user needs to manually supply property level information.


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What We Do?

We help businesses capture address data quickly and accurately. Our postcode & address lookup solutions are based on the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF®).

Why Choose Us?

A reliable service that is easy to use, monthly data updates, fair prices. Adding our postcode lookup to your website or application is a breeze.

Benefits for You

Improved data quality and better customer satisfaction - web forms, checkout pages and call centre interactions get faster and more user friendly.



CraftyClicks provided fast and accurate advice on setting up on our heavily customised checkout page. Not only advising but actually editing the required files for us. A truly first class service with a smile.

Rob Barclay
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