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Property Level Address Lookup

Speed up postal address entry and get 100% correct data every time. Based on the Royal Mail Full PAF®, covering all 29+ million addresses in the UK.

Capturing a full address becomes many times faster and more accurate than typing it manually.

The data includes house names and numbers as well as details such as company name where applicable.

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On a Website

Faster and more user friendly checkout pages and online forms. Postcode lookup means better usability and higher conversions.

In the Office

Easier and more professional call centre interactions. Staff time saved at CRM or ERP database entry. Better customer service.

Data Quality

Address data is validated at the point of capture. The costs associated with incorrect data are avoided (e.g. missed deliveries).

Property Level Pricing

All prices exclude VAT.

Pay As You Go
1½p - 3p per lookup
Benefits flexible, simple, no commitment
Best For low volumes (under 250/month), new projects (unsure of likely volumes)
Pay By card, cheque, BACS
Detailed Prices
Monthly Plan
1¼p - 2p per lookup
Benefits cheaper than PAYG
Best For steady, predictable volumes
Pay By direct debit
Detailed Prices
Annual Licence
£5,750* per year
Benefits fixed, predictable annual cost
Best For high volumes on a website (over 500k/year)
Pay By card, cheque, BACS
Detailed Prices

PAF Licensing

The Royal Mail licence terms define two distinct usage scenarios - "external" and "internal". These are licensed and priced differently. For more detail, please see FAQ.


For use on a public website, where end customers perform the lookups and fill in their own address details. For example checkout or registration pages, MyAccount pages.

NOT FOR : internal use by staff on intranet/extranet applications.


For use by employees inside a company. For example a call centre, CRM package, intranet/extranet or the admin area of an e-commerce website.

NOT FOR : public facing websites.