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Has there ever been a more important time to get your orders to your customers first time, every time?

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What We Do?

Our ClickToAddress technology helps businesses capture address data quickly and accurately. It is provided via a robust, cloud hosted SAAS platform.

Why Choose Us?

A reliable service that is easy to use, daily data updates and fair prices. Adding our address lookup to your website or application is a breeze.

Benefits for You

Improved data quality and better customer satisfaction - web forms, checkout pages and call centre interactions get faster and more user friendly.

Easy Integration, Great Support

- Magento Marketplace Review

"The support at Crafty Clicks responded at the speed of light (within an hour). The support team prioritized my request highly and provided 'out of hours' support. I bow to these guys' commitment!"

- Magento Marketplace Review

"Reducing the number of lost shipments due to poor customer-supplied shipping addresses was the priority; this extension works well and is supported by a low cost look up service."

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