At Crafty Clicks, we …

  • Promote world-wide awareness of the benefits of accurate address data. We want all merchants to profit from improvements in delivery rates and online shoppers to enjoy better checkout usability.
  • Deliver great customer service to our clients.
  • Never compromise on API reliability and uptime. We are a dependable, “no hassle” supplier.
  • Grow our business in a sustainable and profitable way.

CraftyClicks is part of the ClearCourse group. ClearCourse companies provide innovative, integrated software solutions that grow with your business, adding essential functionality that helps you achieve your goals. By working with a ClearCourse company you benefit from a technology partner with a deep understanding of your organisational challenges, the security that comes from private equity backing and the collective years of experience across the group.

Visit the ClearCourse website to find out more.

A bit of history …

Since 2009 we have reliably served thousands of clients and delivered a 100% uptime on our APIs.

Initially our focus was on the UK market and we launched with a postcode lookup solution. The product was great, our business grew quickly and in 2015 we expanded our portfolio to include international address data.

We now serve thousands of customers, provide millions of lookups and are proud to serve many prestigious brands, including The Royal Bank of Scotland, B&Q and Robert Dyas. We can accommodate even the largest requirement with robust servers and reliable data, teamed with competitive pricing.

Our ClickToAddress API is compatible with a variety of platforms and the list is growing all the time. Our technical and development team are available to answer questions, help with setup, and create bespoke integrations for clients.

Call us on +44 1628 201254 or email at and we will go the extra mile to help.