ClickToAddress by Crafty Clicks is an API which was built from the ground up.  Based on an investment in the most reliable and accurate postcode address file in the UK and 8 years of streamlining and perfecting, our postcode lookup offers excellent value and precise results. Ours is a product that fits most cloud-based websites, databases, apps and checkouts.

Now our portfolio has grown to include the whole world. Our international data is provided by various suppliers who are the best in their locations and, together, provide a network of accuracy and reliability we are proud to provide to our customers.

Crafty Clicks serve thousands of customers and provide millions of lookups with a 100% up-time record. We can accommodate even the largest requirement with robust servers and reliable data, teamed with competitive pricing.

Our ClickToAddress API is compatible with a huge variety of platforms and the list is growing all the time. Our technical and development team are available to answer questions, help with setup, and create bespoke integrations for clients.

We support our product with excellent customer service.  Call us on +44 1628 201254 or email us and we will go the extra mile to help.