As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues we are aware there are concerns around its
potential impact on business operability. We want to assure you that we are still dedicated to
delivering excellent service to our clients.

Further to the U.K. government’s announcements we would like to update you on
the following;

  • Our teams have the facilities to remotely access our server infrastructure in order to work
    from home with their usual desktop applications, as they would do from the office.
    Therefore, in line with government advice, all Crafty Clicks employees are now working from home.
    We anticipate there will be no disruption to our normal operations.
  • All meetings will now be conducted via phone or video conferencing.
  • All of our employees will follow the guidelines outlined by the U.K. Government and their
    advisors on 16th March and self-isolate themselves and their household for 14 days if they
    experience any symptoms, however mild.

As always, we continue to deliver our high levels of service to our customers. Please contact any
member of the Crafty Clicks management team if you have any questions or concerns.