Address Auto-Complete

Smart Address Capture & Verification

an intuitive user interface that delivers accurate address data for over 240 countries

  Customer Satisfaction

Fast and easy address forms save your customers' time, improve conversion and build loyalty.

  Data Quality

User input is validated in real time and your customer database is populated with fully verified addresses.

  Business Benefits

Accurate address data is good for business. It improves first time delivery rates and reduces customer support costs.

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We invest in data from the top suppliers around the globe to provide the best available and accurate address information for more than 240 countries. ClickToAddress makes this wealth of data available via a simple API and makes it easy to add a powerful address search function to any application or website.

The predictive auto-complete makes for a great address entry user interface. User errors can be spotted and corrected quickly giving the dual benefits of fast data entry and accuracy. Good address data delivers tangible business benefits and helps improve customer satisfaction. Using ClickToAddress means that your address data will be validated, where applicable, to ensure correct user entries for items such as house name, street name and number, town or city, locality, postcode and zipcode.

  • Fast, predictive address lookup
  • Addresses verified at the point of entry
  • Data for 240+ countries around the world
  • Easy integration with any application or website
  • Flexible and customizable

On a Website

Faster and more user friendly checkout pages and online forms. Address lookup means better usability and higher conversions.

In the Office

Easier and more professional call centre interactions. Staff time saved at CRM or ERP database entry. Better customer service.


With ClickToAddress, your business is ready for cross-border trade with a unified, user friendly interface.

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Subscriptions can be purchased as monthly or annual plans. There are no tie-ins or long term commitments.

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Enterprise licences with fixed annual quotes and SLAs are available. These represent excellent value for clients expecting high usage.

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