Speed up postal address entry and get 100% correct data every time. Based on the Royal Mail Full PAF®, covering all 29+ million addresses in the UK.

Postcode lookup makes capturing a full address many times faster and more accurate than typing it manually.

The data includes house names and numbers as well as details such as company name where applicable.

Interested in a global solution instead? Take a look at our Global Address Finder product. It supports predictive search, and it costs exactly the same as the UK Postcode Lookup.

Benefits are clear

Adding an address finder makes checkout and registration pages faster – a boost for conversions. Validating each address as it is captured means fewer missed deliveries.

Easy integration

Adding our address lookup is quick and easy. We have ready made plugins and a support section full of advice and resources to help your developers.

Style it to suit your site

The look and feel of the address finder can be customised to suit your design. If you have a specific way you want your address forms to look, we will help you achieve it.


Familiar Interface

Our standard postcode lookup functionality requires no explanation to endusers in the United Kingdom, and can be integrated into any website in minutes.

Always up-to-date dataset

The returned addresses are always in sync with Royal Mail, updated daily.

On a Website

Faster and more user friendly checkout pages and online forms. Postcode lookup means better usability and higher conversions.

In the Office

Easier and more professional call centre interactions. Staff time saved at CRM or ERP database entry. Better customer service.

Data Quality

Address data is validated at the point of capture. The costs associated with incorrect data are avoided (e.g. missed deliveries).

Ready to experience the benefits of address lookup?

Trials come with full support and require no payment details