Ready to experience the benefits of address lookup?

IMPORTANT: ekmPowershop removed the only way to integrate with our service from their solution. They did this as they want all of their customers to use their own postcode lookup. If you wish to use Crafty Clicks in your ekmPowershop solution, please let them know.

Address Auto-Complete

Find an address anywhere in the world with the help of our predictive interface, searching using any part of the address

Postcode Lookup

Find any UK address, searching by postcode

Why use Crafty Clicks address search and validation for ekmPowershop?

Easy to use, predictive interface

Address Auto-Complete by Crafty Clicks features a predictive interface with search results updated as the user types. This makes it quick and easy for customers to find addresses.

Speed up checkout form filling

The Crafty Clicks plugins fill address forms automatically, meaning a faster checkout and registration experience. Usability is improved, helping to boost conversions and customer loyalty.

Validated addresses

We provide validated address data, meaning more accurate addresses are captured. This helps to avoid shipping issues due to address errors and reduces associated customer support costs.

Getting started

Ready to begin?

Our ekmPowershop integration guide will help you add address search and validation to ekmPowershop in minutes.

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Ready to experience the benefits of address lookup?

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